● The Architect project focuses on existential problems. The eternal theme of the connection between spirit and matter, the spiritual conditions and movements are located in different chronotopes (time and place of action).  I conceive our existence as a slow stone sculpture in the process of creation. And for this purpose I chose the monolithic stone as a metaphor of the “beginning” of every human life. The sediment of time builds the personality as a test for free will. The stone gradually acquires individuality in accordance  with our choices, and also with the plans of the Great Architect - the Creator. In this sense, I seek to recognize the spirit of Apollo in the... 

PL, Loarre

Reflections on the selective nature of memory, the subjectivity of perception and the freedom of human will to change it. ● There are landscapes which pass and landscapes which remain. ● Landscape is a synthesis between man and the environment. It can also be a quantum reflection of time in the changing matter or in the immaterial, such as memory is.  ● The REMAINING landscapes are fixed more steadily in the memory and they are objectified as a reality that can be proven. They are related to introspection and our internal metrics● The PASSING landscapes are vaguely specified, almost on the fiction’s fringes of their reality. They bear no references to any events and personal experiences. ... 


● The state of Topophobia, as an object of psychoanalysis, describes the fear of certain places or situations and is a reaction of the instinct for self-preservation. It is an atavistic reflex designed to protect the individual, no matter if the threat is real or imaginary.
The contradiction here is that in case of fear and depression the resources for maintenance of an active state decrease, but in spite of this topophobia is productive. The reaction of the Irritant drives the body in the parabola toward a personal horizon and awakens the latent nomad. It creates a physical and psychological feeling of reality.


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Reflections on Monad and Polyad - the human spirit, its visible and invisible side...The focus is on the divine illumination - the Monad, the imperishability of the proto-spark (Alel); personality in its relations with time, the unity of the individual (latin: individuus – indivisible, integral).

The Monad is interpreted by Baramó as a sphere – a symbol of perfection in its wholeness, the beginning touches the end in order to walk its way towards the new beginning… 


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● The project transforms the feeling of Bulgarian identity through the prism of the author. The abstract paintings are superimposed with photographs of Bulgarian nature (as structures) or urban images. The figurative is related to visual symbols and their presence in linguistic semantics. The message refers to the creative energy of speech, self-reflection and belonging.
● Parallel realities as physical and mental structures; all opportunities are realized si-multaneously. Without undo.

● What is the beginning of all opportunities? Where is the entrance to the garden with furcating paths? Or perhaps the parallel realities are a physical aspect of reincarnation, when one can ...


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