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● Every curve consists of multiple straight lines. Baramó does not to forget this, she keeps returning to basic values and classic practices, such as plein air painting, or painting in the studio from memory, looking to catch the impression. A creative voyage can start from nature (drawing, landscape, figure compositions), passes through the author’s perspective, through expression to abstract expressionism and quite naturally reaches the stage of pure informal, in search of the spirals of creation and evolution, of the relation between unity and plurality.

contemplation / research / deconstruction / synthesis / reconstruction

boredom (2)_edited.jpg

● The states, perceived as a cadence of evolution or devolution. 
They visualize human states, abstract in their essence. The focus is on the constant spiritual-somatic interaction and the dialectic between the binary oppositions, such as: extroversion / introversion, joy / pain (physical / spiritual), workaholism / laziness, self-control, euphoria / depression, love (mentioned as F 63.9 by the WHO desease lists) / hatred, phobias, etc. Or ethic defined states, such as:lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, arrogance.

CUBA LIBRE project - street sequences

the train of horrors.jpg

The CUBA LIBRE project is a long frieze of compositions set somewhere in the streets of the island. Street sequences, something like holography – each small part carries information about the whole. Plein air, drawings live among shrimps and coffees, a stolen backpack with painting sets, curious eyes wide open; broad staircases reminding of glamor gone long ago expose their armatures. A return to the sensory memories of my childhood. Cuba streamed on my canvases after a travel to that coveted place, painted after my impressions and drawings.
>> (Exibition in Galerie Alte Feuerwache 2006 – Goettingen,BRD)


The dancing human (Homo Saltans) lives in joy. He put his body in rhythm and stay open in dialogue with the "Esperanto" of dance. Тhe precise selection of phase of movement gives us the kinetic "key" and takes us to the Platonic conception of moving beauty.
The compositions represent a balance between two or more figures in motion. Each “dancer ” is in a disbalanced state, but in communication – whether it’s a dance, a conversation, coexistence or socializing, they get stability. Stability, in the kinetics of time-space at that, where the dance as a possibility is situated.

>> (Exibition in Galerie White House 2017 – Plovdiv,BG)   


snow on Grafa str_edited.jpg

Each lanscape reflect the contemplator himself...
Every story can be told in many ways, or, to put it otherwise, different roads may start from one and the same place. The same refers to landscape. As far as landscape is concerned, different eyes (impressions) create the multiple facets of a carbon truth, and according to Schopenhauer they can objectify it. But new eyes are needed for this - re-creating, perceiving, searching.            

...the sky is a roof for everybody.
>> (Exibited actually in Galeriya-Muzey Klasika,
Degas Gallery - Sofia) 


2 extase-maritime-70x47_edited.jpg

"The naked body is not a shame. Be ashamed of what you think of him. "


 ... or what you do not think of it.                                                                                        

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