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Reflections on the selective nature of memory, the subjectivity of perception and the freedom of human will to change it. ● There are landscapes which pass and landscapes which remain. ● Landscape is a synthesis between man and the environment. It can also be a quantum reflection of time in the changing matter or in the immaterial, such as memory is.  ● The REMAINING landscapes are fixed more steadily in the memory and they are objectified as a reality that can be proven. They are related to introspection and our internal metrics● The PASSING landscapes are vaguely specified, almost on the fiction’s fringes of their reality. They bear no references to any events and personal experiences. ... 

But if the contemplator and the landscape are at rest and in mutual rapport, the landscape remains and there is someone to observe … When no one is watching, there is no landscape too… Greetings from Schopenhauer
The normal state of things as a utopia of a new kind, which has already been and will be. Dreaming of the ordinary as awareness of the paradise lost.
“Sediment Process”© E.B; technique - acrylic and pastel on paper.                    

curated by Baramó

(Passing and Remaining Landscapes project - exposed in Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Budapest 2020-21)

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