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Baramó is a freelance artist and connoisseur of art. She creates abstract as well figurative expressionistic paintings. The practice of author often involves conceptual texts with the visual part. After her last creative expression, she is classified as a neo-existentialistic painter by prof. Kr. Delchev.
●●  Born in Sofia, she spent her early childhood years with her family in Cuba. Her identity is marked by the colors of humanism and the joy of living. She took her first lessons of drawing from her father Alexander Baramov. She studied textile in the School for Applied Arts in Sofia. In 2001 she graduated from the Academy of Arts – Sofia, Master of Arts in Illustration. Baramó (artistic name of Elitsa Baramova)  is a member of the  Union of Bulgarian Artists. ●●  She took part in events, group exhibitions, and symposiums. As a national representative, she participated with painting in the Francophone Games in Canada (2001), the EU Mitte project in Germany (2008), and the project Art Meets History – Grimbergen – Brussels, Belgium 2017 (co-founder of Actex group). ●●  The author works in different genres, as well as in interdisciplinary areas. For her, the idea is the heart of the artifact, and the translation to visual language is a question of choice. She embraces the Renaissance platform of the versatile man and the Fluxus ideas. She finds inspiration in nature (in human nature, too), libraries, cinema, everyday life, big towns and she thinks of Salvador Dali, Picasso, Hundertwasser, Yves Klein, Joseph Boys, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, etc. as her kindred spirits. 
In the period 2000 - 2006 she exhibited mostly in Germany, after taking part in the International academic Symposium/ Wernigerrode. At that time German expressionism was very close to her artistic search. The surrounding cultural landscape enriched her vision and brought new challenges. She integrated into the German scene and received awards for painting “Rolf Broenstrup”- Hanover (2005), and Laatzen, Hanover (2003). She began experimenting with different forms of expression and made a happening with Jazz legend Gunter Hampel and colleague Ahrens in the gallery “Studio Wasserscheune”, Erbsen. The related catalog (paintings till 2003) was published under the terms of German cultural policy. The same year she received a Goethe Institute scholarship. Baramó made numerous exhibitions in German galleries and museums (f. ex. Gropius Alfeld museum - FRG, gallery "Alte Feuerwache"- Göttingen/ FRG, Villa Mohr – Munich/ FRG, Bulgarian Cultural Institute – Berlin/ FRG ) guild galleries (Künstlerhaus -Göttingen/FRG, Sofia/BG) and worldwide (“Jeux de la Francophonie” - “Musee des Beaux Arts”/Ottawa, Canada).
●●  Alongside her artistic appearances since the mid-2010s until the present day  she has been actively engaged with graphic design - multiple books, posters, logos, catalogues, corporate design. She collaborates with Sofia Municipality (Festival Herbert von Karajan annually from 2001 till 2008), Ergo publishing house, Foreign Ministry (logo concept for the BG participation in “Europalia -2002” festival /Belgium- competition), Sofia City Library, Management Agency Stars records, etc. ●●  In 2007-2017 she made objects and contemporary-style jewelry, exhibited in galleries in Sofia and Vienna (in 2014/-in 2015 she collaborated with the leading gallery for avant-garde jewelry V&V, Austria).
●●  From 2007 Baramó lives and works in Sofia. As a welcome home event she exhibited the self-curated project “Monads” (2008) – painting and installation – in the gallery “Maxim”. In 2015 she started work on a visual conception for description of form and content, entitled “Sediment process”. This became her knowhow. 3 years later she was ready to show the project – paintings and conceptual texts. The Architect Project, was shown in gallery [a] cube contemporary/ Sofia, 2018 - Armory artweeks/ New York and so on.

movement + meditation + sense of humor + curiosity + concentration + variety

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