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"Shared Spaces" is a short art-movie, carried out with the support of Sofia Municipality.
The main "characters" are the paintings from "The Architect" project. The compositions of the project exist in a new reality; they are set in motion and are accompanied by a sound track of my conceptual texts. The paintings do not illustrate the texts, nor do the texts explain the paintings. They interpret each other. Movements bring meaning, they are not just aesthetics. Pictures from object become subject. This, according to Prof. Delchev, is a pioneering act, which he denominates ’art re-surrection’ - the resurrection of the artistic image. 
In the second part the creative invention is thematized by video art. The video art "Noumenon" focuses on negative will for renouncement of certain freedoms in favor of the idea.
Idea, script, performance and painting by Elitsa Baramó; music and post production - Enil Enchev; translation and voice-over - Nelly Chalakova; critical text by prof. PhD Krasimir Delchev;

# Solidarity_In_Culture 

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