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The Icarus' wings are melting, the sun is shining unceremoniously.
Gravity threw him back to the earth. 
He is dropped down from the sky right on the wheelchair. 
A wheel chair may be an excuse for an impossibility in the physical world, but not for fear of a new flight. Paradise is lost.


The verbal and the visual divide up the territories of consciousness and subconsciousness. Language (the verbal) as a convention transmits the meaning and the signal to the panel of the ratio. ”The electric chain” starts from the ratio and could reach the emotion of the percipient.
The visual has a straight entry on an emotional level, and only then the visual symbols direct conceptually; the image objectified in an artefact is perceived before the verbal
(even though the approach might be abstract).

The conceptual text not only interprets the visual, but determines its coordinate system. It prepares the second phase of the visual perception and makes possible the discussion over this subjective perception, such as the sensory one, in the direction of objectifying.

Proof (chronological) of the Need for Conceptual Text Theorem:
1А. Perception of the visual work (without concept 1)
1B. Perception of the visual work (with concept 1, the author’s message)
2.   Perception of the visual work (with concept 2, as an example of the different interpretations of the viewers/

NB    The conceptual text makes a direct connection artist - viewer (regulates the author’s responsibility, which does not exclude the secondary collaboration on idea interpretation by the viewer)


Concept 1_ POST-ICARUS

formula en.jpg

theorem NCT 

(Need for Conceptual Text)

Everyone experiences gravity as a physical condition.

Spiritual gravity has an antagonistic direction of attraction towards the noosphere and the emanations of the undivided All (the ideas of Plotinus related to the metagnostic Primeval). Crucified. It is a matter of personal earning – free will. The dramatic conflict is a spectacle of the will (F. Brunetiere)
The feeling for breaking the personal zone of comfort may be pretty paradoxical. And we realize that what we were frantically trying to get rid of has become our gravity…


m        e        m        e         n          t           o             Q.E.D         (quod erat demonstrandum)

 Fine Art / upcoming  project

© 2018 by Elitsa Baramó

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