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● On the expansion of consciousness and the laws of contingency

● The abstract pictorial compositions are superimposed with author's photographs of nature and the traces of man in it, connected with visual symbols and their presence in the linguistic semantics. ● The message refers to the creative energy of the word, the creativity of self-knowledge, self-reflection as a path to the other and the identity.
● Parallel reality as something not so distant, an alternative for relaxation in a stolen pause… as a reflection in the show cases superimposed on reality or the lights on the wet asphalt. Awareness of what is before our eyes… for joy of light and search for signs without unnecessary fatalism.

● Parallel realities realize simultaneously all possibilities. Without undo. Where is the beginning of this all-embracing probability, or where is the entrance to the garden with paths going apart? - They may be the physical side of rebirth, when you can (or cannot) choose a new life.
● What should be the relationship original vs. copy? … And other questions-answers… The original is one-of-a-kind, it inspires. It can be the object of mimesis (imitation) and cultural continuity. Dummies are a convenience, in which the copy has a cognitive and educational function. But if we lose the thread, the copy displaces the original. The archetypal position is already taken by the copy or by the copy of the copy, etc., a hall with mirrors, in which only the reflection of the original has entered...

curated by Baramó

(part of project “10 years of Francophonie “ Sofia/BG 2009 in Foreign Art Gallery;
part of the solo exhibition in [a]cube contemporary gallery Sofia/BG 2021)

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