● The project transforms the feeling of Bulgarian identity through the prism of the author. The abstract paintings are superimposed with photographs of Bulgarian nature (as structures) or urban images. The figurative is related to visual symbols and their presence in linguistic semantics. The message refers to the creative energy of speech, self-reflection and belonging.
● Parallel realities as physical and mental structures; all opportunities are realized simultaneously. Without undo.

● What is the beginning of all opportunities? Where is the entrance to the garden with furcating paths? Or perhaps the parallel realities are a physical aspect of reincarnation, when one can ... choose a new life in another existence.

● What should be the correlation original vs. copy? Contemporary man coexists comfortably with the dummy in which the copy has a cognitive and educational function. The original is second to none, it inspires. It may be an object of mimesis (imitation) and cultural continuity. But if we lose the thread, the archetypal position is occupied by the copy (instead of the original) or by the copy of the copy, etc.; a hall with mirrors in which only the reflection of the original has entered...

● The compositions are a mixed technique - painting and photography.

Limited editions up to 10 pieces, Fine Art Giclée Print (museum quality) on Hahnemühle paper (100% cotton), signed and numbered, with the Hahnemühle hologram quality guarantee (100 years and certificate of authenticity). Covered on Alu-Dibond, ready to hang, protective Hahnemühle UV coating.
     (part of project exibited in Foreign Art Gallery -“10 years of Francophonie “ Sofia,BG)   

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