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From the author about the project:

     The metaphysical nuance of the title is a reference to the special feeling of boundaries mobility...when the will to freedom "mute" the self-preservation instinct in reasonable limits. The consciousness of a Guardian Angel who "grabs" and rescues you. That's the idea-safety net that secures one’s leap into the new spaces and challenges. When you're falling down or flying up, while you are realizing the movement direction and do you really need salvation.

     The abstract images interpret the angelic presence as bisexual - angels with the power of the mythical androgynes inhabit the compositions. Rescuers, rescued, and many times been rescued.

     In this project each painting has its own sequence of titles. The viewer is invited to keep active position by being offered a fan of viewpoints. The titles lead the contemplator to different modes of perception - from the whole to the details and vice versa, without breaking the fine thread in between. This approach marks the metamorphosis of the work and the multiplicity of the image, capable of dialogue and inherent of living nature.

     The current concept is a development of a previous project (The Architect) in which conceptual text and image are presented as a diptych: two means of expression in search of pluralism in perception, without a leading component. This process of making sense is further developed in the project.

     The exhibition in gallery [a] cube contemporary 2022, Sofia presents 11 compositions created in the recent year and a half. The abstract painting is in a monochrome nuanced gamma mostly, with color accents. The compositions are on paper, acrylic, technique and pastel in the aesthetics of the "Sediment Process" on which I have been working for several years. It is a visual language, based on mathematical logic and linear perspectives. The expressive units are multiple sections, which mark the horizon in the object itself and the point of view. It focuses on the artistic gesture and the idea of the aesthetics of slow motion – an ethical opportunity to observe the deviation phase and more generally... for understanding and tolerance beyond the ego.

    Part of the exhibition is the interaction “The Red Room”. The red shade of the paintings ("Point of view" and "Week") is located on a separate transparent plate, and it is mechanically detachable. This optical metaphor is a suggestion for interaction with the audience. The red color is a reference to the dark room, where the negative transform into positive and where the current international events are reflected, waiting for good news…

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