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artistic approach


object "Golden Trees", 2010

     My art creations are not dependent on pro- or anti-traditional elements. These are the message, the plastic problem, the experiment, the construction-deconstruction process that are important to me. It is the synthesis of opposites, the dialectical awareness of the duality of the world that creates a unity of perception. The Apollonian and Dionysian aspects that Nietzsche introduces are the two antagonistic spheres of life. In my compositions they are in interaction, and are formally expressed through geometric and organic, euphemistic and direct, abstract and concrete.

     Man is present there as a generalized image, sometimes androgynous, a conduit of ideas, an individual with free will and divine origin.

     The concept ‘Sediment Process’ is my idea for depicting the form that I have been working on since 2016 until now. I recreate movement in space or in the object itself. For this purpose, I use a section of the shape that I move along one or several axes. This concept of visual language is based on mathematical logic and linear perspective.

     ‘Sediment Process’ conveys the message of aesthetics of slow cadence - an ethical opportunity to recognize the phase of deviation: a message of peace and tolerance, of an active stance beyond the ego, of militant pacifism.

     The images created with my author's approach ‘Sediment Process’ are deliberately reminiscent of sculptures. The sign of the Monolithic Stone was chosen as a metaphor for the ‘beginning’ of every human life. I represent our existence as a slow stone sculpture under construction.

     I plan in advance the direction of experiments and their development over the years. The thematic exhibitions for the ‘Sediment Process’ project include painting, conceptual texts, ‘specific objects’ and an art film. They are sub-projects, listed by year and topic:

2023      ‘Vertex’ - on the theme of striving for the best version of the self, transcendental thinking, the intersection between earthly and divine, innovation and continuity;

2022       ‘Guardian Angels’- about the expansion of consciousness at the detriment of unconsciousness and fear;

2021      ‘Remaining and Passing Landscapes’ - on the theme of the subjectivity of perception and the surrounding ‘landscape’;

2020      ‘Shared Spaces’ - an art film transforming the kinetics created by means of painting into real movements and the cadence of the cinematic language;

2018      ‘The Architect’ - on the theme of the freedom of human will and the plans of the Great Architect - the Creator;

     Experiment is an important part of creative practice; in parallel, I paint from nature in search of new structures. I am inspired by "symmetry" in nature, by moments open to contemplation that de- and re-construct nature, preparing it to be transformed through the subjective and reach pure abstraction ...
When creating a work of art, feeling and thinking alternate as a corrective to each other. Freedom of improvisation on the axis of meaningful and balanced composition.
     The genesis of my creative interpretation is not chronological. In the working process I do not close the projects but continue to enrich them with the present ones.

     Themes I work on :

∎ antropocentered
        ⊛ levels of perceptions and memory properties; ‘Remaining and Passing Landscapes’ project
        ⊛ the spiritual journey as a test of free will; ‘The Architect’ project;
        ⊛ spiritual and somatic correlation; ‘Human States’ project;
        ⊛ identification modules; ‘Nomads’ project;
        ⊛ communication and alienation;  ‘Monologues’ project;
        ⊛ the human being and the traces he leaves (on others and nature);
        ⊛ Mobiles (Dyonisian) and toposes (Apollonic), which relate to the fundamental movement and the moving beauty concept of Plato; ‘Homo Saltans’ project;
∎ transcendent
        ⊛ ‘Parallel Realities’; ‘Monads’ project;
        ⊛ absent Presence and mimesis; ‘Anthropocentimetries’ project;
∎ ethics and aesthetics
        ⊛ separation between nature and culture (the deconstruction concept of Derrida)
        ⊛ works in commemoration of great artists and personalities

     If the act of creation had an address, it would be located in the continuum …

... And if the continuum had coordinates, it would be located beyond the rabbit hole in the act of creation.

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