● The Architect Project touches on existential problems with discursive ease. The eternal theme of the connection between spirit and matter, spiritual conditions and movements are located in different chronotopes (time and place of action). The artist visualizes human existence as a stone sculpture in the process of creation. Monolith is chosen as a metaphor of the “beginning” of every human life. The stone gradually acquires form and individuality in accordance with our spiritual accomplishments and choices, and also with the plans of the Great Architect.

“Sediment in process” is a knowhow of the artist - a language for visual description of form and its content. The technique is acrylic and pastel on paper.
● Minimalistic emanation, strong contrasts, fine color nuances and definitive composition translate the idea into form.
● Amidst stardust the Architect constructs the potential of every handful of earth. The individual is conceived as a monolithic whole, and the debris of time builds the personality as a test of free will. It is an elevator to the luminous and accomplished self. Regardless of the inter-floor zones where everyone can make a stop, each person is worthy in the perspective of his development. One can get old like a cathedral, with one’s back turned to the fear of the unknown, aware of the different forms of life. Day changes to night, then morning comes again; if may be spring now, and it will come again ... the eternal cycle leads us along the spiral around the axis…   
● The compositions are accompanied by a short conceptual text which provides possible guidelines to the interpretation of the symbolic message-theme.
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                     curated by Baramó

he Architect project - exposed in gallery [a]cube contemporary 2018, Sofia/BG and Armory art weeks 2017, NY/USA)

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