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● The Architect project focuses on existential problems. The eternal theme of the connection between spirit and matter, the spiritual conditions and movements are located in different chronotopes (time and place of action).  I conceive our existence as a slow stone sculpture in the process of creation. And for this purpose I chose the monolithic stone as a metaphor of the “beginning” of every human life. The sediment of time builds the personality as a test for free will. The stone gradually acquires individuality in accordance  with our choices, and also with the plans of the Great Architect - the Creator. In this sense, I seek to recognize the spirit of Apollo in the... Dionysian state and the struggles between them.
● Amidst stardust the Architect constructs the potential of every handful of earth. The individual is conceived as a monolithic whole, and the debris of time builds the personality as a test of free will. It is an elevator to the luminous and accomplished self. Regardless of the inter-floor zones where everyone can make a stop, each person is worthy in the perspective of his development. One can get old like a cathedral, with one’s back turned to the fear of the unknown, aware of the different forms of life. Day changes to night, then morning comes again; if may be spring now, and it will come again ... the eternal cycle leads us along the spiral around the axis… 
● The technique of the paintings is acrylic and pastel on paper. I have been working for several years on my concept “Sediment process”. This is a visual language with its own syntax, founded on mathematical logic and linear perspective. The plasticity of the image is a result of the movement of simple or compound forms. It is the smooth transformation of one 2D form into another. The trajectory of this changing cross sections is none other than the 3D form of the image.
● The horizontal structure of the form is intended to create the illusion of gravity. In the compositions I examine the construction of the pictoral space and I use the linear perspective rather than the effect of sfumato.
● I started expanding the paintings with conceptual text with this project. These are two parts of one “diptych”, although sometimes words come before the colors. The conceptual texts does not explain the pictures and vice versa. They provides possible guidelines to the interpretation of the symbolic message-theme.
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curated by Baramó

I show the "Architect" project to an audience at different stages of development, which is part of my way of working: Bulgarian cultural Institute – Budapest/ Hungary 2020, [a] cube contemporary 2018, Sofia; Armory art weeks 2017, NY/ USA; within the Art meets History project 2016, Brussels (exhibition in the context of European classics of modernity)

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