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Elitsa Baramova 



1995/01    – National Art Academy, Sofia/ Bulgaria, master’s degree in arts, Illustration and graphic design
1989/94    – Specialized Art And Crafts School, textile class – Sofia, BG
from 2001 – freelancing artist

                 Membership: Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA), section Painting

                 Pseudonym: Baramó; Name: Elitsa Baramova

                 Solo exhibitions

2021     – [a]cube contemporary gallery, „Parallel Realities“/ “Passing Landscapes” projects, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2020     –  Bulgarian Cultural Institute, “Passing and Remaining Landscapes” project, Budapest, Hungary
              – short art-movie "Shared Spaces" (video art "Noumenon") - idea, script, performance and painting;
                 with the support of Sofia Municipality - competition    

2018     – [a]cube contemporary gallery, „The Architect“ project, Sofia/ Bulgaria; classified as a neo-existentialistic painter by PhD Kr. Delchev- Sofia University. (
2017     – White house culture center;  – h. Hebros – “Homo Saltans” project, Plovdiv/ Bulgaria
2013     – East-West, Municipal Gallery, retrospective exhibition, Bankya/ Bulgaria
2008     – Maxim gallery, „Monads” project (painting and happening), Sofia/ Bulgaria
2006     – Alte Feuerwache gallery „Cuba Libre – Street Sequences“ project, Göttingen/ BRD
2006     – VERDI Institut, Retrospective, Lage Hörste/ BRD
2005     – BG Culture Institute, Retrospective, Berlin-Mitte/ BRD;  
2005     – Gropius museum, „Form follows fiction” project, Alfeld/ BRD
2004     – Laatzen municipality, BRD;   – Goethe Institute, „Déjà-vu“ project, Göttingen/ BRD;
2004     – Kuenstlerhaus, „Anthropocentimetries” project, Göttingen/ BRD                    
’04,‘03  – VERDI Institute , „Geöffnete Türen” project, Berlin Wannsee/ BRD
2003    – Studio Wasserscheune, „Metamorph@sen project, painting and happening with Jazz Musician
               G. Hampel - Erbsen/ BRD;  –Torhaus gallery, Retrospective, Braunschweig/ BRD
2002    – Nikolov gallery, Retrospective, Halle-Saale/ BRD
2001    – Artamonzev gallery, „Polyphonic” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2000    – lokal Arzberger, Expressions – by invitation of Municipality-Vienna/ Austria

                Group exhibitions
2021    – Ari Kupsus Gallery - Budapest / Hungary
            –  Gallery Classica - Sofia / Bulgaria

             gallery Sonia Monti, Paris, France, international exhibition contemporary art
20/21   – [a]cube contemporary gallery, Abstract Art Contest (II., III. edition)

2019    – Art Fair West - Norwich/ UK; –Luxart gallery, „La Grande Bellezza" project, Rome, Italy; 
            – [a]cube contemporary gallery, Abstract Art Contest (I. edition);  – Gallery Bold, Sofia/ Bg
2018    – Armory artweeks, Stricoff gallery - Chelsea, „The Architect” project, New York/ USA;                                                               –  Classica gallery-museum, „The woman in art - muse and artist” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2017    – Art Basel, Artbox., „Nomads” project, Switzerland
2016    – Art meets History project, Grimbergen - Brussels/ BE (exhibition in the context of EU master painters)
2014     – V & V gallery, Vivaart gallery, Vienna/ Austria
2012     – Europe gallery, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2010     – Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery, V-th Biennial of Small Forms, Pleven/ Bulgaria
‘09/’08 – modern art gallery Shipka 6, experimental art „Section 13”, object „SOS Golden Trees”, Sofia/ BG
2009     – National Gallery for Foreign Art „10 years of Francophonie“, „Parallel realities” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria 
2001     – Musée des Beaux Arts, “Alienation” project, Ottawa/ Canada

                 Art commissions
2002 - 2019  Design concept (graphic, display) and organization of multiple events, TV set design, exhibition events – design, production and supervision
– Collaboration with Sofia City Library (2018), Sofia Metropolitan Municipality (annual Film Festival Herbert von Karajan 2001-2008), Foreign Ministry (logo concept for the national participation in “Europalia -2002” festival /Belgium - competition), etc.
– Advertising concept of the multimedia project "To be or not to be 36", dedicated to the poets Yavorov / Hauge, Froya Film (2014)
– Design and artistic control of the production of Future for Bulgaria Foundation (yearly review)
– Overall design - scenography and publicity materials charity concert for National Palace of Culture – Management Agency Stars records
2008 - 2016  Book design - Ergo publishing house

                 Symposiums & Group Exhibitions
2021 – Art Campus in the Castle, Hungary; 2015 – Symposium Balchik/ BG; 2013 Art Symposium Bankya/ BG; 2009 – Art Symposium Shabla/ BG; 2008 – Art Symposium Nessebar/ BG; – national representative in 2008 - Art Symposium EUropas Mitte, Fulda/ Germany and in 2002 – Hinter sieben Meere symposium, union of artists Wernigerrode/ Germany

                 Awards and grants
2021  Audience Award for painting, abstract contest - gallery [a] cube contemporary, Sofia / BG
2021  National Representative at the 11-th International Symposium at Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim Castle, Hungary
2020  painting award - Abstract contest, [a]cube contemporary, Sofia/ Bulgaria 

2020  award for Mural painting - RAL Indoor Murals project, CODAworx- Philadelphia/ USA
2020  painting award - Abstract contest, [a]cube contemporary, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2005  painting award – Rolf Broenstrup- Hanover/ BRD
2003  Goethe Institut grant (part of the subsidy for an event Catalog)
2003  painting award -Laatzen, Hanover/ BRD
2001  national representative on the IV. Francophone Games (competition of Ministry of Culture), Ottawa/ Canada

Catalog: Elitsa Baramova/ Ralf Ahrens 2003, Bulgaria; ISBN 954-91303-1-2
web site: 
youtube channel :
some articles in media (translated) Articles about Art-Film Shared Spaces/Critical Contribution/Baramo Art 

                      Artist’s Statement 

(you can read more about in Baramó - Contemporary Art / About / Artistic Approach (
                     The work of art is an exercise in harmony in a specific time section. It should contain the special energy to liberate, reflecting concurrently its time and the continuum. As artists of the 21st century, we may leave immanent traces in art history only if we “create facts” as a resonance of our present, taking responsibility. Interpreting old art paradigms creates a favorable environment for continuity, but cannot replace contemporary art that the generations after us will turn to.
                     My topics focus on man and movement. In my works I perceive man also through the Nietzschean God-Man concept and the potential for development embodied in each of us.
                                ("There are no facts, only comments and interpretations." - Fr. Nietzsche)                              
                      My art does not depend on pro- or anti- traditional elements. Experiment is an important part of the creative practice. In my compositions I examine the construction of the pictoral space. In 2015 I started work on a concept I entitled “Sediment Process”. This is a visual language with its own syntax, founded on mathematical logic and linear perspective. It focuses on the artistic gesture, the slowly movement described through many sections. The plasticity of the image is a result of the movement of simple or compound forms. It is the smooth transformation of one 2D form into another through many cross sections. The trajectory of this change is the very three-dimensional form of the picture. The technique is acrylic and pastel on paper or canvas. And this exactly are my last projects: "The Architect" and “Remaining and Passing Landscapes”. The horizontal structure in the compositions is with vertical kinetics and recreates the illusion of gravity and antigravity. They are accompanied by conceptual texts on existential themes and visualize human existence as a slow stone sculpture in the process of creation.


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