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Elitsa Baramova 



1995-2001 – National Art Academy, Sofia/ BG, master's degree in arts, Illustration and graphic design 
1989-1994 – National High School of Applied Arts "St. Luke", Textile class, Sofia/ BG


                 Membership: Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA), section Painting since 2007

                 Solo exhibitions

2023     – Rakursi gallery, Sofia/ BG (“Vertex” project, painting)
2022     – [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia/ BG (“Guardian Angels” project, painting, “Red Room” - installation)

2021     – [a]cube contemporary gallery, „Parallel Realities“/ “Passing Landscapes” projects, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2020     –  Bulgarian Cultural Institute, “Passing and Remaining Landscapes” project, Budapest, Hungary
              – short art-movie "Shared Spaces" (video art "Noumenon") - idea, script, performance and painting;
                 with the support of Sofia Municipality - competition    

2018     – [a]cube contemporary gallery, „The Architect“ project, Sofia/ Bulgaria; classified as a neo-existentialistic painter by PhD Kr. Delchev- Sofia University. (
2017     – White house culture center;  – h. Hebros – “Homo Saltans” project, Plovdiv/ Bulgaria
2013     – East-West, Municipal Gallery, retrospective exhibition, Bankya/ Bulgaria
2008     – Maxim gallery, „Monads” project (painting and happening), Sofia/ Bulgaria
2006     – Alte Feuerwache gallery „Cuba Libre – Street Sequences“ project, Göttingen/ BRD
2006     – VERDI Institut, Retrospective, Lage Hörste/ BRD
2005    – BG Culture Institute, Retrospective, Berlin-Mitte/ BRD;  
2005    – Gropius museum, „Form follows fiction” project, Alfeld/ BRD
2004    – Laatzen municipality, BRD;   – Goethe Institute, „Déjà-vu“ project, Göttingen/ BRD;
2004    – Kuenstlerhaus, „Anthropocentimetries” project, Göttingen/ BRD                    
’04,‘03  – VERDI Institute , „Geöffnete Türen” project, Berlin Wannsee/ BRD
2003    – Studio Wasserscheune, „Metamorph@sen project, painting and happening with Jazz Musician
               G. Hampel - Erbsen/ BRD;  –Torhaus gallery, Retrospective, Braunschweig/ BRD
2002    – Nikolov gallery, Retrospective, Halle-Saale/ BRD
2001    – Artamonzev gallery, „Polyphonic” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2000    – lokal Arzberger, Expressions – by invitation of Municipality-Vienna/ Austria

                Group exhibitions

2024    – ONE gallery, Sofia/ BG (contemporary Bulgarian artists)
2023    – gallery of Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA), the charitable cause for the affected areas in Turkey and Syria
2021    – Ari Kupsus Gallery - Budapest / Hungary
             –  Gallery Classica - Sofia / Bulgaria

               Sonia Monti gallery , Paris, France, international exhibition contemporary art
20/21   – [a]cube contemporary gallery, Abstract Art Contest (II., III. edition)

2019    – Art Fair West - Norwich/ UK; –Luxart gallery, „La Grande Bellezza" project, Rome, Italy; 
             – [a]cube contemporary gallery, Abstract Art Contest (I. edition);  – Gallery Bold, Sofia/ Bg
2018    – Armory artweeks, Stricoff gallery - Chelsea, „The Architect” project, New York/ USA;                                                               –  Classica gallery-museum, „The woman in art - muse and artist” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2017    – Art Basel, Artbox., „Nomads” project, Switzerland
2016    – Art meets History project, Grimbergen - Brussels/ BE (exhibition in the context of EU master painters)
2014     – V & V gallery, Vivaart gallery, Vienna/ Austria
2012     – Europe gallery, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2010     – Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery, V-th Biennial of Small Forms, Pleven/ Bulgaria
‘09/’08  – modern art gallery Shipka 6, experimental art „Section 13”, object „SOS Golden Trees”, Sofia/ BG
2009     – National Gallery for Foreign Art „10 years of Francophonie“, „Parallel realities” project, Sofia/ Bulgaria 
2001     – Musée des Beaux Arts, “Alienation” project, Ottawa/ Canada

                Awards, grants /selected/ 
for projects: 2021, 2022 - National Culture Fund, BG; 2020/ 21 - Sofia Municipality (art-movie); 
awards for abstract painting: 
2020, 2021  [a] cube contemporary gallery, Sofia/ BG; 
2021 - conceptual bearer of trends in fashion and textiles in 2023, «Première Vision», Lyon / France, selected work from the project «Passing and Remaining Landscapes»
2020 - award for mural - "RAL Indoor Murals" project, Philadelphia/ USA; 
2005 - "Rolf Broenstrup" Painting Award, Hanover/ BRD; 
2003 - painting award, Laatzen, Hanover/ BRD; 2010 - design award, municipality Shabla; 
2002 - design award, logo redesign Europalia festival, Belgium, etc. 

                Art commissions /selected/:   2018 - 2020 Sofia City Library; 2001 -2008 Sofia Metropolitan Municipality; 2008 - 2020 Ergo publishing house, book design; from 2019 - art director and overall design concept of HINSA art foundation (international project) 

                National representative in international events:   2021 - XI Symposium Pappenheim Castle/ Hungary; 
2008 - Symposium "EUropas Mitte", Fulda/ BRD, 2002 - Symposium of Union of Artists, Wernigerrode/ BRD; 2001 - IV Jeux de la Francophonie, Ottawa/ Canada, etc.  

                Artistic practice: painting, drawing, video art, happening, installation, giclée print, photography, graphic design (book, poster, corporate identity), copywriting, contemporary jewelry objects. 
Techniques used: acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache, pastel, mixed media, pencil, lavis, litho, Giclée print. Baramó often involves conceptual texts with the visual part. She is classified as a neo-existentialist painter by prof. PhD Kr. Delchev (see critical study The author has avant-garde quests and is a creator of the visual language "Sediment Process".

                Publications  /documentary about my creative process – on home/
Some critical studies of exhibitions and art-film in Bulgarian media – translated:
"Shared Spaces” (video art "Noumenon") - short art-movie, english version
Catalog Baramó – painting, 2021 Bulgaria; ISBN: 978-619-92059-0-7 /english and bulgarian language/
Catalog Paintings - 2003, Bulgaria; ISBN 954-91303-1-2 /bulgarian and german language/

                 Pseudonym: Baramó; Name: Elitsa Baramova

                  Contacts   E-mail:         

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