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съвременна бижутерия, европейски дизайн на бижута, сребърни бижута пр.925, концептуално бижу, уникатни бижута, накити ръчна изработка, сребърни обеци, брошка, сребърна висулка, барамо.арт, елица баръмова


BLUE INFINITY COLLECTION                          ● The horizon is always where you expect it to be… almost like a benchmark. But if you go in its direction, it remains at the same distance. Its other name is a straight line in the state of disappearing, where the blue infinity of the sfumato is at home.  ● Those moments which have stopped, Faust-style, are these moments when one ventures to aspire to something unattainable like the horizon or perfection. Moments at standstill, numb moments (in the inertia preceding a big jump or an explosion) in different nuances “hang on the neck or the ear” like geometric constructs from a possible future.

© 2018 by Elitsa Baramó

Contemporary Jewelry / Blue Infinity collection

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